Meditation Breathing Tools are desperately needed. There are a ton of tools out there, but as someone looking to get started quickly and begin to receive mindfulness benefits you want to know what works. Here are some of the top picks from the Mindfulness Benefits apps.

Meditation Breathing Tools Abound

Below are some of the top tools that the Mindfulness Benefits team found. We love helping organizations and individuals finds what works for them. These are tools that we use, our clients use, and we hope you use as well. Let us know what works for you in the comments below!


Mindfulness benefits begin when you begin breathing! Here are our favorite mindfulness benefit tools.

Mindfulness benefits begin when you begin breathing! Here are our favorite mindfulness benefit tools.

I love Guided Meditations. We often overlook how powerful they can be. It is like having a meditation mentor right at your fingertips, helping you learn the best ways to relax your mind, get massive clarity, and really experience the benefits of meditation.–Here are three of my favorite Guided Meditations that made a difference in my life:

Tara Brach Meditations

Tara Brach is one of the most prolific and popular meditation guides out there. We love her stuff!

UCLA Guided Meditations

Who thought you could get powerful mindfulness breathing tools from higher education?!

The Chopra Center

They are popular for a reason. Check out their supremely insightful meditations and get breathing today.


Technology is often portrayed as the enemy of mindfulness and meditation. However, there are a few simple tools that can definitely help develop the meditation habit. Here are 3 quick ways to use technology for your meditation training.

  • Cell phone reminders
    • Set a daily reminder midday on your phone. Get away to a quiet spot during lunch or just go to the bathroom and start your breathing!
  • Google Calendar Appointments
    • Many of the team at Mindfulness Benefits use Google Calendar. You can block off your time so no one will schedule an appointment during that time. It will remind you when your “appointment” to breathe is coming up. And you can see it visually as something to look forward to doing to get you through tough office meetings.
  • Insight Timer
    • As you will see below, Insight Timer is a powerful tool for mindfulness breathing. It has a ton of these functions. Read more below!


To a distracted mind, YouTube can be a never-ending rabbit hole. However, if you know what you are looking for and being to curate your Watch-Later lists, YouTube can be a meditator’s best friend. Here is how we use YouTube to train our mind.


The Calm App is one of our favorite meditation breathing tools there is. When we get caught up into our work, we often forget to simply breathe. However, when you arrive at the beach or your favorite national park, the first thing you often do is what?! You take a deep breath! The Calm app, for your desktop or phone, puts you there at the beach or national park, and right at work you unconsciously take a deep breath! Love this tool!


Finally, the habit of breathing needs to be made. The absolute most-effective mindfulness breathing tool around is the Insight Timer. You may hear about this more and more from us, but it reminds you, has guided meditations, sets the tone for your environment, and has a community of support to remind you to breathe. Install this app today and put it to use!